muang kasi laos

"Laos is not a place but a state of mind, it is one of the  most romantic and peaceful regions in Asia and one of the last existing havens of the Eastern old charm ."


This is what Tiziano Terzani wrote about Laos, a drowsy and religious country nestled between the mighty Mekong and the Vietnam. Laos is a journey across enchanting villages in which local communities live in wooden sheds built on top of piles and dedicate themselves to the "beauty of small things": fields and breeding. These early activities whose quiet allows comprehension of the cycle of seasons and direct contact with nature contribute in preserving the distance from the "madness" of the West.


Laos, in local language "Lane Xang"  which means land of millions of elephants, is a place of sincere smiles, hidden natural beauties, ancient religious architectures and peaceful people who harmoniously  live while listening to the growing rice.



Muang, Kasi, Luang Prabang